Round-the-Clock Citrix Monitoring
with Micro Focus OBM

Proactive OBM-Based Monitoring Prevents Citrix Issues
from Becoming Problems

Don't Be Caught by Surprise

By the time a Citrix user calls your helpdesk, it's too late. The problem has hit.
Why not be proactive with a monitoring solution that's always working to spot issues before damage is done?
After all, being proactive is simply reacting ahead of time.

Monitoring that Never Sleeps

HYCU OBM Management Pack for Citrix automatically monitors Citrix’s many moving parts, every second of every day.
It gives you easy access and deep, real-time visibility into their health and performance.

Dashboards Say It All

View the state and performance of your entire Citrix environment. Drill down to and see exactly where problems lie.

HYCU dashboards graphically show the state and performance of your entire Citrix environment, including topology views, and let you drill down to see exactly where problems lie. Configure your own or use them out-of-the-box.
Quickly reveal issues with application/desktop delivery from the end-user’s perspective so you can take actions to improve service levels.
Stay on top of slow or failed logons, poor responsiveness and issues with network connections.
We confirm Server OS and Desktop OS infrastructure availability through rigorous connectivity probing and active service checks. Server OS machines that fail to deliver hosted applications to desktops are easily isolated.

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OBM MP for Citrix