Top 3 Questions from F5 Agility 2017

August 22, 2017

F5 Agility 2017 just wrapped up and as a sponsor, we had many people coming by our booth and engaging in interesting conversations. A lot of questions were raised, so we have decided to share the three most important ones:

What makes HYCU different than the F5 tools?

We are not competing with F5 tools, nor are we replacing any F5 tools. F5 tools are centralized management tools for F5 SME.  Our solution, HYCU SCOM MP for F5 BIG-IP, is opening F5 BIG-IP metrics to all teams connected with application delivery: application owners, security experts, managers, F5 engineers etc.

Does this tool work outside of SCOM?

No. Our solution is a standard SCOM management pack. We found SCOM is an excellent solution for integration and monitoring the infrastructure. Our solution collects data from F5 BIG-IP devices, recognizes important events and creates alerts only for them (to avoid alert storms). Using SCOM, our solution provides almost unlimited scalability.

Any plans on supporting F5 BIG-IP monitoring using OMS?

OMS is not competitive to SCOM and while SCOM is here to stay as a pure-bred monitoring solution, OMS will take care of log processing and advanced visualization of data. We are the best SCOM monitoring solution for F5 BIG-IP and we will continue developing our product to keep this position. We are actively working on providing advanced visualization on top of our solution. Free Squared Up Dashboards have already been released and OMS visualization will be supported in the future.


If you didn’t make it to F5 Agility 17, no worries, just take a look at our monitoring solution and start a free evaluation!

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