Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

The Secret to Overcoming 'No SaaS' Policies: How HYCU's Data Protection Platform Empowers SaaS Vendors

April 14, 2023

As a SaaS vendor, you’re facing an uphill battle penetrating enterprise accounts. These customers have strict compliance and cybersecurity requirements with a demand for data protection for all their services. To win over this market segment, you must understand their concerns and be prepared to address them.  

SaaS vendors now face increased scrutiny, leading to longer sales cycles and more expensive transactions.

In comparison to on-premises solutions, where customers control their data, SaaS solutions must meet higher standards in data governance, retention, and recoverability. In fact, here is a checklist HYCU provides to our own enterprise customers to make sure they select the right SaaS vendor based on critical data protection requirements.  

Wait a minute... We've got data protection and business continuity covered, so what's the issue?

Organizations need the power to back up, store, and recover their data independently without relying solely on their SaaS vendor. While your backup and disaster recovery infrastructure is designed to maintain service availability, it's not intended to handle every single recovery task for all your customers and users. That's why businesses must take control of their own data protection and recovery strategies.

To accelerate enterprise adoption and shorten sales cycles, consider partnering with HYCU. Insufficient data protection, governance, and retention are common barriers for SaaS companies to conduct business. Basic features like recycle bins and data exports are not enough. Instead, you need to be able to offer enterprise-grade backup and recovery solutions.

HYCU provides trusted data protection, recovery, and retention services for the most-demanding organizations like federal institutions and hospitals. By integrating with our patented and award-winning technology, you can quickly offer your customers the data protection they need and gain a competitive edge in the enterprise market.

Top Reasons to Provide Your Customers with Self-Service Data Protection Using HYCU

Break into the enterprise market

On-premises competitors often highlight compliance and data governance when comparing themselves to SaaS alternatives. By offering comprehensive data protection and self-service backup and recovery, your organization can deliver the convenience of SaaS alongside the control and confidence of an on-premises solution. Data protection is key to winning over enterprise customers.

Tap into financial services, healthcare, and highly regulated industries

Many of these industries have had strict "No SaaS" policies because SaaS vendors lacked the data protection and governance maturity required for long-term data retention and rapid recovery. By offering long-term retention, offsite copies, and ransomware recovery, you'll attract new customers in these verticals with ease.

Speed up sales cycles

A significant amount of time and resources are spent addressing RFPs and security/data protection questions. Integrating backup and recovery with an enterprise-class data protection technology recognized by Gartner will help you breeze through assessment and procurement processes.

Do what's right for your customers

Data deletions and corruptions happen frequently, so why not empower your customers to recover their data instantly without downtime or disruption? Providing self-service data protection with HYCU is not only a smart business decision but also the right thing to do for your customers.

Make your SaaS ‘enterprise-ready’ with a few lines of code

Introducing R-Cloud: the world's premier data protection development platform, HYCU empowers SaaS companies to integrate its cutting-edge technology into their offerings effortlessly. With a low-code framework, you can harness the full potential of HYCU's core data protection technology and provide your customers with unparalleled backup and recovery services.

Imagine a future where your customers enjoy:

  • Streamlined, automated backup policies tailored to their needs
  • Lightning-fast, granular recovery at their fingertips
  • Automated storage target management to meet data retention and offsite requirements
  • Robust access control, ensuring data security and compliance
  • Comprehensive analytics, insightful reporting, and 24/7 logging  

Why waste precious resources trying to reinvent the wheel? By building on HYCU's world-class technology, you can rapidly accelerate your enterprise adoption and position your company as a pioneer in the data protection landscape.

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Author: Andy Fernandez, Director, Product Marketing, HYCU

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