The Comtrade Software Way of Life: Mutual Respect, Inclusion and Collaboration

March 3, 2017

Last fall, we moved Comtrade Software’s corporate headquarters from Slovenia to the United States.

Boston to be specific. It provided us an opportunity to expand our growing footprint in the US, and to tap into one of the leading technology markets in the world.

There’s a reason many call Boston the Hub. It’s the Hub for many things. Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Business. Healthcare. Technology, and Higher Education. However, what many of us who have lived and worked in Boston understand best is, Boston is also the Hub of inclusion and diversity.

While there has been much said over the past few weeks about putting up walls and eliminating immigration into the U.S., we respect what has and continues to make the U.S. the land of opportunity. It’s the respect for people of all religions, ethnicities and nationalities. That is something I take personally as we continue to help our employees, partners and customers reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

At Comtrade Software, mutual respect, inclusion and collaboration are not just words, but a way of life.

We will continue to foster and advocate for inclusion in all that we do. As we know from our global network of thousands of software engineers, you get much more accomplished as a team than you do as individuals. And the best way to foster team unity is to lead by example.

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Simon Taylor is the founder and CEO of HYCU. A serial entrepreneur, prior to HYCU, Simon led Comtrade Software, an infrastructure monitoring business, sold to Citrix. Having raised more than $140M at HYCU, Simon has more than 20 years' experience in go-to-market strategy development, product marketing and channel sales management for high-growth, tech companies. An Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) MBA graduate, he has worked with leading companies such as Comtrade Group, Forrester Research, Putnam Investments and Omgeo.

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