Redefining Data Protection – Announcing HYCU Release 3.0

April 30, 2018

We are excited to announce the release of new features and enhancements to our advanced data protection offering. The new version 3.0, expands on HYCU’s vision of being the first purpose-built backup & recovery for Nutanix, efficiently protecting hyper-converged infrastructure virtual machines and automation of application discovery.

What’s new with HYCU version 3.0

It provides a complete set of new enhancements that continues to build out the robust, feature-rich offering of our purpose-built data protection.

  • Nutanix Files (formerly Nutanix AFS) Backup and Recovery:
  •  Added support for impact-free, agentless file-share backup.  
  • Leveraging Nutanix Change File Tracking (CFT) APIs for impact free protection
  • Significant reduction in the time it takes over legacy backup
  • Scale-out functionality leveraging Nutanix Files to perform backups in parallel
  • Non-Nutanix VMware vSphere Backup:
  •  Extend protection of VMware ESXi running on non-Nutanix architectures  
  • Protect Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments
  • Seamlessly migrate applications and virtual machines to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
  • Leverage Nutanix for application test and development expansion
  • Extended Application Coverage:
  •  Enhanced agentless application discovery  
  • Support for Oracle single server backup and restore
  • Automated Exchange single mailboxes and public folders restoration
  • Support for SQL Server Always On
  • Support for Exchange DAG
  • Support for MS SQL 2017
  • Multi-tenant support:
  •  Simplified self-service model able to use Active Directory for policy access  
  • Adding multi-tenancies for administration
  • Enhanced Usability
  •  Simplified deployment on Nutanix ESXi clusters  
  • Simplified upgrade for both platforms
  • Simplified self-service via Active Directory authentication
  • Ease of VM/App Ownership administration via user groups
  • New Backup Targets   Support for Azure Archive storage tier  
  • Per VM Licensing


Our licensing is offered per socket or per virtual machine. There are three versions:

  • HYCU data protection suite (includes protection of the applications, virtual machines and Nutanix Files): $2,500 US per socket or $125 per month
  • HYCU data protection of applications and virtual machines: $1,500 US per socket or $10 US per virtual machine
  • HYCU data protection of Nutanix Files: $1,500 US per socket or $75 US per month per socket


We also offer special pricing for our service providers. Please contact us for details.
We are committed to delighting our customers and here to help you. Let’s talk about how we can modernize data protection and address your business needs. You can try HYCU or contact us at info@hycu.com or paul.nashawaty@hycu.com.

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