Backup and recovery for Nutanix-led Datacenter - webinar recap

Purpose-built Data Protection for Nutanix-led Datacenter

December 20, 2018

On Tuesday, December 18th, we held a series of global webinars to promote the general availability and release of HYCU’s next generation data protection for Nutanix, version 3.5. Both sessions were well attended and both sessions inspired good conversation along with some great questions. For those that were unable to attend, we wanted to share a quick update.

In the release of version 3.5, we covered support and enhancements to a number of new applications. We also discussed enhanced manageability and reporting. When starting the webinar, we reviewed HYCU and reminded everyone of a few “Firsts” that we are particularly proud of, and have extended by introducing few of our recent enhancements.

HYCU provides supporting Nutanix.

Data Protection for Nutanix-led Datacenter


HYCU 1st and Only for Nutanix Customers

One of those firsts that we added to the list with our latest release is the way we are leveraging the Nutanix Volume Group APIs providing consistent backup and recovery. This was followed by an overview demonstrating why HYCU is the perfect complement to Nutanix and how HYCU augments the existing Nutanix data protection layer.

Making HYCU Better

With our latest release, HYCU now provides support for protecting Nutanix Volume Groups, SAP HANA and we have enhanced our support of SQL Server support by adding the ability to protect multiple instances and SQL Failover cluster.

But understanding the support for Volume Groups and its importance gets to the fundamental way in how we believe you should leverage Nutanix storage on the platform.

Purpose-built Data Protection for Nutanix-led Datacenter

Nutanix Storage offered on the Platform

HYCU leverages Nutanix storage as sources for Volumes and Files as well as backup targets including the support for Object Storage offering in Nutanix Buckets. Having a complete understanding of the storage on the platform as well as tight integration allows customers to optimize protection using appropriate APIs to provide the ultimate protection for the Nutanix storage offerings.


This tight integration allows HYCU to set up jobs appropriately to protect Nutanix Volume Groups attached to virtual machines (VM) and ensure they are automatically backed up within the VM backup process. HYCU is the 1st to take advantage of the APIs provided by Nutanix.

HYCU Protection of Nutanix Volume Groups

HYCU Protection of Nutanix Volume Groups


HYCU is the 1st backup and recovery vendor to provide agentless support for SAP HANA on Nutanix, auto-discovery and auto-configuration in HYCU, impact-free to the SAP HANA database, and snapshot-based backup of SAP HANA. This is powerful as HYCU significantly simplifies the protection for SAP HANA. HYCU Is certified to protect not only the test / dev environments but also the production database.


Extending our Microsoft SQL Server Support

HYCU is the 1st backup and recovery vendor to provide agentless support for SQL on Nutanix across hypervisors, impact-free to the SQL database, auto-discovery and auto-configuration in HYCU, snapshot-based backup of Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster and support for Multi-instance Microsoft SQL databases.


Enhanced Manageability and Reporting

In our latest release, HYCU provides reporting integrated as part of the user interface which eliminates the number of separate tools and/or interfaces needed.

Customers can also continue to leverage REST APIs Reports can be selected by dataset, filters, table or chart type and scheduled to run daily, weekly, or custom. Reports can also then be sent to select recipients.

Enhanced Manageability and Reporting

Integrated Reporting from the HYCU Interface

User Management and Role Mapping Enhancements

In release 3.5, HYCU extends previous support of users from active directory (AD) and previously managed HYCU groups, by adding active directory (AD) group management and the subsequent benefits of AD groups. In addition, users and roles can be managed through AD rather than HYCU groups.

Email Event Notification

Has also been added extending the previously available email notification via the CLI. Email notification has been enhanced from previous versions where HYCU gathers and synthesizes data through the user interface and sends the data to a specified recipient.

Additional Added Functionality

In our latest release, HYCU has the ability to select individual disks during restores to speed up restores, extend the One-click upgrade available in AHV environments to ESX Deployment, export data in UI views to JSON/CSV format and select the target to restore.

In addition to these enhancements we’ve also added:

  • Support for LDAPS
  • Significant gain in backup performance
  • Support for Azure China

But that’s not all! We’ve also added new virtualization support along with a few other areas as highlighted in the graph:

The HYCU advantage

The HYCU advantage

While it’s easy to talk about what we’ve been doing, and making updates that customers have asked for, nothing beats HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix in use. To try our latest release, you can download it today at tryhycu.com or if you have questions or need more information, you can reach us at info@hycu.com.

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