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July 27, 2021

This Friday, July 30, 2021 marks the 22nd Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day (#SysAdminDay.) While it's been called, “the single greatest 24 hours on the planet,” it provides a great chance to say "Thank You" to your favorite SysAdmin. With the rise in ransomware, proliferation of multi-cloud environments and use of modern applications and containers, the SysAdmin is on the frontline of many of the newest challenges facing IT today. SysAdmin Day marks a chance to offer anything from a simple thanks to something more to someone in your organization who works tirelessly to keep your network up, your data safe, protected and available, and your favorite resource connected to the corporate resources you rely on.


As in years past, we firmly believe that there are many meaningful ways to say “Thank You.” And, like before, we are going to do our part. We’re asking for nominations of your favorite SysAdmin who you know deserves the recognition so we can help them celebrate in style.


Here's all you need to do. Share the name along with a short explanation why they merit recognition. Brevity counts. That’s all you need to do. We’ll share the name of three lucky SysAdms selected at random on Friday.

There's no time to delay, so let us help you help your favorite System Administrator celebrate in style on Friday.

Just click the following nomination link and we'll take it from there.

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