HYCU Management Pack (MP) for Nutanix is installed on SCOM server

HYCU SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix

December 17, 2020

Drive business critical applications to optimal performance.

HYCU SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix enables IT teams to monitor Nutanix Enterprise Clouds with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

It provides an extensive set of features needed by IT for health, availability, infrastructure, reporting and application performance monitoring:

  • Discovery, visualization and updates for Nutanix nodes, clusters, virtual machines, storage, data protection and replication
  • Detection and grouping of virtual machines, which are members of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment
  • Reports instantly summarize information regarding infrastructure and sizing
  • Quick, convenient, and complete overview of Nutanix environment by using intuitive high-level dashboards
  • Correlation between Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and Nutanix performance metrics by using a set of dashboards provided by the SuperPacks feature
  • Status of Hycu backup controllers - the only purpose-built backup and recovery solution for Nutanix
  • Quick identification of conditions that might eventually cause a system halt by monitoring statuses of various hardware sensors

From a technical perspective

HYCU Management Pack (MP) for Nutanix is installed on SCOM server and uses a sophisticated Data Collector installed on a SCOM Resource Pool. Data Collector connects to one or more Nutanix Enterprise Clouds using Nutanix REST API to optimize SCOM consumption of Nutanix data and enables Application Awareness.

Graph of the HYCU SCOM Management pack for Nutanix.

Detect business critical applications running on Nutanix

Knowing which business critical applications are running on virtual machines hosted on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud helps you understand their resource consumption and importance. 

You can quickly identify Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server applications running on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud by looking at the “Overview Applications” dashboard as well as find virtual machines hosting them and their roles.


Assure right sizing of VMs running on Nutanix

Having right sized virtual machines on Nutanix is important to save the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud’s resources and have them available for other workloads.

You can quickly identify virtual machines that run on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform and that are oversized by generating Virtual Machine right sizing report with HYCU SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix, which also recommends optimal resources for them.


SSD to HDD ratio and performance of storage pools and containers

Performance of applications running on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can be affected by lack of SSD drives or low free space, high latency in storage pool or individual underlying containers.

You can continuously monitor SSD to HDD ratio, free space and other performance metrics related to storage pool by looking at the HYCU SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix “Storage Overview” dashboard, which shows you available free space, SSD to HDD ratio telling how much data is stored on SSD drives, latency, IOPS, and so on. Alerts are generated for any potential storage-related issue.


Insights into processes running on VMs

In case of high virtual machine resource utilization, like high CPU or memory usage, it is important to know which processes on virtual machine are causing it.

You can get instant information about virtual machine processes sorted by CPU or memory usage by running the task “Processes on VM By CPU/Memory Usage “ and in case of high CPU or memory usage alert you can see top processes on this virtual machine at the time when alert has been raised within alert description.

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