HYCU – No Need for Professional Services to Deploy

August 17, 2017

Since the launch of HYCU, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction and interest that we have seen.

There’s little to compare to taking a product from concept to introduction. And, the feedback each and every step of the way has been invaluable. In one recent new customer conversation, we were working on finding a time to tell them about our solution and also to prove the simplicity in their live environment. Since the meeting was the following day, the customer sent me an email asking me to send him the bits to be prepared for the deployment. So, I did. To my surprise, an hour later, I get an email from the customer saying that he has already deployed the solution and is already backing up his environment! This is a customer we have not even had a conversation with! He just wanted me to answer a few questions related to his future usage. No hours, days, lengthy back and forth or professional services needed or involved. As we keep hearing over and over, that’s what makes HYCU unique and "transformational."

In the recent release of the Gartner Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions Magic Quadrant, Gartner analysts noted in the Market Overview that, “Ease of deployment, with a rapid time to value, and especially a greater ease of daily administration are key requirements.” It’s no surprise then why they also noted there are cautions given to solutions that are relatively complex and require professional services.

When we started developing HYCU, ease of deployment and time to value were not just key requirements but a basic design principle from the get go.

For us, it was important for Nutanix users to be able to install, deploy and begin managing their data protection within minutes and that they could do all of this without needing support and external services to help. We wanted to make sure to keep things simple.

To deploy HYCU, all the customer needs to do is to use the HYCU image that is uploaded to Nutanix Prism’s Image Repository as the disc image and create a VM. You don’t need to worry about Proxy Server, Media Server, Repository Server, Mount Server, Backup Server, …..  Just install one HYCU and it takes care of everything for you.  Shouldn’t that be what next generation intelligent backup should be?

So, if you are looking for your next-generation backup solution that makes backup as easy as a platform service to use in the hyper-converged world, then HYCU is your answer: an easy-to-use, effective, simple but powerful solution for your Nutanix environment. But don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself, go to tryhycu.com.


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