How Monitoring Helps Minimize Risk at Times of Application Outages

February 20, 2018

Minimizing or eliminating outages should be the goal for any monitoring solution. It’s definitely one of the main challenges we look to overcome. But it’s not just minimizing the outage but reducing the risk as well.

Take outages when monitoring F5 BIG-IP.

Outages may, in high availability configuration with multiple BIG-IP devices, also be caused by the BIG-IP failover when traffic processing goes from one device to another.

So many things can stop your normal application delivery once failover happens, that it becomes a scary event. Ask anyone monitoring applications and you’ll likely get a universal nod.

We designed our solution to make sure any failover will be smooth and with predictive or expected behavior helping to eliminate any unexpected behavior.

If the outage itself isn’t bad, you don’t want to make it worse by having to deal with unanticipated or difficult to track follow on behavior.

Through the Intelligent predictive monitoring we provide, we also help monitor:

  • configuration syncing between active and passive devices, to make sure configuration is up—to-date when failover happens
  • the number of devices available to take over when failover happens to make sure there’s a device available for failover before failover is needed, and
  • passive device readiness to continue processing traffic once failover to that device happens. (We are checking if the passive device is having necessary connectivity to application servers and alerting if not.)

You want a solution which is proactive.

Also, one that is proactive, helps identify and solve issues before they reflect on application uptime. That’ why we designed our F5 BIG-IP Management packs the way we did.

With every alert, or basic notification, we provide contextual information to help identify root problems quickly and easily.

Here’s how it looks.

How monitoring helps minimize risk at times of application outages


At the end of the day, you can’t let outages become worse than they should.

To learn more about our SCOM Management packs for F5 BIG-IP, check out a free evaluation!

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Subbiah Sundaram is the SVP, Product at HYCU. Subbiah spearheads product management, product marketing, alliances, sales engineering, and customer success with more than 20 years' experience delivering best-in-class multi-cloud data protection and on-premises solutions. A Kellogg Management School MBA graduate, Subbiah has worked with leading companies such as EMC, NetApp, Veritas, BMC, CA, and DataGravity.

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