Don’t Let Backup Break Your Hyper-converged Infrastructure

June 22, 2018

Historically, incorporating new IT solutions requires trade-offs. What you gain in performance, you may lose in availability. What you gain in reliability, you may lose in complexity.

Many in IT face the same challenge when implementing hyper-converged infrastructure into their organization.

With an overall goal of consolidating and simplifying IT to a single platform, condensing storage, servers and networking, when you factor in additional solutions like data protection, the trade off can offset the benefits you are trying to gain.

That’s why as George Crump, principal and founder at Storage Switzerland, noted in “Why Backup is Breaking Hyper-Converged Infrastructures and How to Fix it,” it’s important, for data protection to be as tightly integrated with your HCI environment and to make sure it complements what you are trying to achieve, consolidation and simplification.

As George discusses, there are three major challenges for why backup is breaking HCI. They are:

  • The dedicated backup server problem
  • The backup storage silo problem
  • The feature problem

It’s to overcome these major problems that we developed HYCU for Nutanix the way we did. By eliminating redundancy, we feel you can maintain the goal of simplicity while making Nutanix data protection work the best way for your HCI environment.


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