Do you really want to leave your Citrix infrastructure unmonitored?

March 22, 2017

Citrix offers great solution for delivering applications and desktops (VDI), anywhere, anytime.

It is used in variety of fields - healthcare, education, financial, IT ... and many customers are relaying their core business infrastructure on it. So, the question no one wants to think about: What do you do if something goes wrong?

Most common issues in Citrix environments are poor performance of VDIs and unresponsive or even unavailable applications. Stack these together with some unexpected technical problems and you can find yourself in big troubles. Ineffective workflows, aggravated end-users, unproductivity and even loss of revenue to name a few.

But problems are part of our daily routine, so we need to find a solution how to effectively deal with them.

Proactive monitoring with HYCU OBM MP for Citrix

With this in mind we are often faced with a question:

“What makes a monitoring solution worth using and what are its key benefits?”

  1. Is it simple enough to use, so it's can be easily adopted by all types of IT teams?
    There are many products out there just sitting on the shelves of IT departments, because they are too complicated to configure and use. HYCU OBM MP for Citrix comes in a form of a management pack so it can seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure monitoring solution and enables you to connect different monitoring aspects. It gives IT professionals’ broad insight into Citrix environment with capability to supervise different Citrix components such as StoreFront, XenApp and Xen Desktop, License Server and Provisioning Services, along with other monitoring done by Micro Focus OBM.
  2. Does it provide high level overview with ability to drill down to the problem?
    Large environments can be hard to monitor if you don't have the ability to step-out and see the big picture. Nevertheless it must enable you that level of precision to correctly identify the issue. HYCU OBM MP for Citrix comes with topology view and health statuses of different Citrix building blocks so you can easily pinpoint problem’s root cause. From stopped services on Xen Desktop Delivery Controller to StoreFront Broker errors. HYCU OBM MP for Citrix takes advantage of great new features of Micro Focus OBM and shows status in form of dashboards. User is at first presented a single pane of glass with overall dashboard which shows high-level overview of a complete Citrix environment and enables drilldown to specific component for more detail investigation.
  3. Can it enable preventing problems before they occur?
    Monitoring is not just alerting you on the issues which already happened, but being able to tell what can be potential problems and bottlenecks so you can take right corrective actions and optimization steps to minimize the risk. Using HYCU OBM MP for Citrix you are now able to take advantage of its proactive monitoring capabilities. Events are generated while monitoring Citrix environment and informing administrators about potential problems which may occur. This can be due to lack of resources, performance drops, availability issues and many more. Events include instruction texts how to resolve most common issues and also provide IT professionals with automatic, operator initiated actions and tools to resolve problems if they already occurred. This can be done by everyone thus eliminating communication of problems to different IT departments and need for »tiger teams«.
    HYCU OBM MP for Citrix can also be integrated with Micro Focus OBR solution and provide you with in-depth reporting features. It offers predefined or custom reports which can be fine-tuned to customer’s needs. You can observe how certain factors like increase of users influenced your Citrix environment. Reports are a good indicator if you need to invest in resources and can help you plan where and when to scale your Citrix environment.

The new HYCU OBM MP for Citrix answers all of these question and many more

Try all the new features of HYCU OBM MP for Citrix by signing up for full 45-day free trial evaluation. You will see that it's not just another nice to have tool but certainly a must have monitoring solution for Citrix professionals.
Stay tuned for more detailed information about each Citrix component we monitor and some great technical advice in the next blog posts.

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