A Statewide Healthcare Organization Prescribes HYCU for Backup and Recovery

November 19, 2020

Business Challenge

As a healthcare organization that relies on data to better care for patients, Coastal Medical must ensure the availability of that data—including protected health information (PHI)—under all circumstances. This requires reliable backup of data residing in its centralized data center and in servers collocated with its ISP to a disaster recovery (DR) facility in one of Coastal Medical’s other locations.

Rapid data growth was causing performance issues with its legacy storage arrays. To improve performance and take advantage of the flexibility of a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), Coastal Medical migrated to Nutanix from its previous 3-tier storage environment.

The infrastructure is now 100% Nutanix, using Nutanix AHV.

They had been using a popular backup and recovery software for virtual infrastructure, when the Coastal IT team decided they needed something different. “Our previous solution was hard to use, and the UI was terrible,” according to Coastal Medical System Administrator Roger Melo. “I manage more than 100 servers, so I need to be able to just get the problem solved, back up the server and move on to other things. The product we were using was more complicated than I had time for.”



At a Nutanix .NEXT event, Melo was introduced to HYCU. “I saw it and I thought it was amazing,” he recalls, noting HYCU’s simplicity of operation. Anxious to try something different, Melo implemented HYCU in Coastal Medical’s DR facility first to see how it would perform.

“We backed up our DR servers and it was so much easier,” Melo says. Based on this successful proof of concept, he moved to implement HYCU on the production Nutanix cluster. The HYCU solution now provides full backup and recovery for Coastal Medical’s entire environment, up to 30TB of data at times to the DR facility.


Benefits of HYCU

Easy deployment

HYCU’s native integration with Nutanix allows deployment in minutes, with easy and intuitive configuration. “The level of integration is incredible,” Melo says, adding that policy building with HYCU is simple and straightforward.

Simplified management

HYCU provides a “single pane of glass” for managing backup and recovery across the entire Nutanix environment. Melo gives high marks for the intuitive dashboard, enabling him to see at a glance whether servers are compliant, discovered, and protected. It also enables him to spot potential issues quickly, accelerating response. “If I see something red, I can immediately drill down to get to the virtual machine that causing the problem. That’s really great.”

Rapid restore times

HYCU’s fast restore performance minimizes business disruption. While Coastal Medical has not experienced an outage since deploying HYCU, Melo says he performs quarterly test restores to ensure preparedness. “HYCU always works flawlessly. The response times have been great. And the file restore is a fantastic function.”


You can download the case study here: 

About the customer

Coastal Medical is one of the largest primary care group practices in Rhode Island, delivering care to 120,000 patients with a team of over 125 providers located
in 20 medical offices across Rhode Island. As a primary care driven Accountable Care Organization (ACO), Coastal supports the three-part aim of better care, better health and lower cost. Coastal Medical embraces technology to help fulfill its mission of delivering high
quality, cost-efficient,  patient-centered care.


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