A Data Protection Conversation with Christophe Bertrand at ESG Global

November 24, 2020

Subbiah Sundaram, VP Products and Marketing, sat down recently with Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst, at ESG Global in a Data Protection Conversation.

As Subbiah mentioned, in light of recent events, business at HYCU is great.

The company has experienced 600% growth in the cloud business alone this year from last year. And, interest in the recently introduced Cloud Services Provider (CSP) Partner Program is strong and the number of partners joining the Program is on the rise.

  • How things are going at HYCU during the Pandemic (00:15 – 00:51)
  • How HYCU for Google Cloud and the Cloud Services Provider Partner Program are going, and what customers are saying (00:53 – 01:41)
  • Details on the recent SAP HANA on Google Cloud news (01:42 – 02:47)
  • How HYCU delivers a solution for mission critical applications and databases like SAP HANA (02:57 – 03:57)

Learn more about HYCU for Google Cloud and the HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program or reach out to us directly at google@hycu.com.

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