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Data Migration & Mobility

1-click Data Migration and Data Protection for Azure Gov Cloud Customers

April 26, 2022

We at HYCU are excited to announce HYCU Protégé’s support for Azure Government cloud.

Most people would think that Federal Government customers would be very conservative and would be late adopters of clouds. It is amazing to see the focus US Government, and in specific US Armed Forces, have put to accelerate the adoption of public clouds.

US Army is looking to spring board their cloud journey in 2022 and HYCU wanted to do its part to support the effort. With the April 2022 Update of HYCU Protégé, customers can now take advantage of HYCU’s innovation not just with their on-prem infrastructure, but also with their use of Commercial Clouds and now even the Government Clouds.

With this update, here are the capabilities customers get on Azure Gov Cloud.

  1. Customers can protect all of their on-prem data on Azure Government Cloud Blob storage. Customers can just use cloud for archiving their backups, but also use as primary backup. This capability is extremely useful for customers like US Armed forces who have their data both in centralized data centers, edge data centers, remote data centers and also on mobile infrastructure.
  2. Customers can now have true offsite Ransomware protection with HYCU’s WORM support. When customers utilize WORM, they are worried about cost and that is where HYCU’s Cloud De-dupe innovation comes to life. It doesn’t make any sense for customers to use traditional dedupe appliances to backup or archive their data on public clouds. Main reasons being that traditional dedupe appliances require tons of compute and memory and that is expensive on the cloud - storage is cheap. So, at HYCU, we decided to make sure only unique blocks are stored on the cloud - saves network, storage and compute. The benefit extends further into ransomware protection, because customers need to pay only for locking the unique blocks and not have to pay for duplicated blocks. The beauty of the solution lies in the fact that when customers need to retrieve the data for restores, there is no “rehydration impact”, so performance is as fast the network can support. In addition, there is no need to bother about any synthetic fulls or anything like that.
  3. Customers can perform 1-click, application consistent migration of their VM and Apps from on-prem to Azure Gov Cloud. When customers consider data mobility between their on-prem and cloud infrastructure, they need to make sure it is simple and easy to perform. Otherwise you are locking your data. With HYCU, it is truly 1-click and efficient. Customers can stage the data and when ready do a spin-up. Applications being migrated are always consistent and just ready to run when they are migrated.
  4. Security is huge for customers and especially for Federal customers. We always make sure customers own their data and it never leaves their control. That is the beauty of HYCU’s solution – be it on-prem or in the public cloud.

There are just a few of the highlights of the April 2022 Update for Federal Agencies. If you are interested in learning more about it, please send us an email to info@hycu.com.

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