About HYCU

We Make it Easy to Thrive in a Hyper-Simple Hyper-converged World

We believe in the art of subtraction, where less is more. Where powerful technology looks extremely simple and delivers extraordinary results. That’s why we’re so bullish on hyper-converged and why we believe that data management should be as easy as powering up and hitting go.

It’s also why our data protection and monitoring products excel at helping IT take back the data center without breaking a sweat. You’ll eliminate roadblocks, boost application performance and reliability, and deploy our products before your coffee gets cold.

HYCU Protege

Strength in Numbers

Our sum is more than its parts

Focus Areas
Years of Experience
Satisfied Users
Global Partners

We Beat to Your Drum

It's in our DNA

Born to Deliver

HYCU evolved from a services organization, where customer satisfaction comes first.

Execute with Excellence

From our customer-informed roadmap to the way we design our products, no stone is left unturned. Quality is part-and-parcel of our delivery.

Empower the Players

We give our customers and partners the tools you need to succeed. Because the stronger you are, the better you’ll do.

Loyal to the Bone

Whether it’s the platforms we support, the partners we do business with, or customers we serve – we’re on your team for the duration.

“I’m proud that we’re more than
co-workers. We’re a team that believes in each other, wholeheartedly supports one another, and knows that we’re better together.”
- Simon Taylor, CEO

We’re like a family

HYCU is where we want to be.

We encourage conversations, not monologues. Because the smartest ideas happen when we all have and give a voice.

Despite being large, we’re a flat organization. Employees aren’t
order-takers. They’re job owners who are empowered to do their best.

Social Responsibility

We're committed to giving back


The communities we operate in are as important to HYCU as the people we employ, the companies we partner with, and the customers we serve. Supporting them is our great honor and joy.

It’s not just about loyalty to markets, products and platform providers. It's also about communities. The places we operate in as a business. We take this very seriously.

When we are in a community, we co-exist in its ecosystem. If the community has pockets of crime or low literacy, those challenges also become ours. We believe it’s in everyone's best interests to address them. That's why we work hand-in-hand with charities and nonprofits that are raising the bar.

College Bound Dorchester

College Bound’s mission is to transform low-income urban neighborhoods through education. It equips students with the attitude, skills and experience to attend and graduate from college.

college bound dorchester

Citrix Corporate Citizenship Award

Citrix believes in making life better for families in need by strengthening the ties between work and well-being. Through its Simply Serve program, it works with partners to support education for local at-risk youth.


Our Whereabouts


HYCU, Inc.
109 State Street, Boston MA 02109, USA
Phone: +1 617 681 9100 / E-mail: info@hycu.com

Sunnyvale, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Cool, CA
Chicago, IL
Austin, TX
Washington, D.C.
Tampa, FL
Sydney, Australia
Paris, France
Dublin, Ireland
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Maribor, Slovenia

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