Roundtable: IT Leaders Share Real-world Experiences in Protecting their Nutanix Environments

Protecting Nutanix workloads throughout your on-premises or hybrid-cloud environment can be challenging, especially with the pressure to find a data protection solution that will grow with you to support your evolving protection needs and still meet your cost and recovery goals. 

In this roundtable HYCU’s Alan Holmes hosted HYCU customers Yasin Alsagoff, IT Director at Hawaii Gas, and Wael H. Ismail, IT Director at Entrust Capital Limited to explore the data protection challenges customers face today and the outcomes they were able to achieve with HYCU, including:

  • Cost savings with cost-efficient, purpose-built data protection for Nutanix workloads.
  • Decreased complexity and time savings with simplified backup, recovery, migration, and disaster recovery operations, across both Nutanix and hybrid-cloud environments.
  • Peace of mind knowing that their data will be protected & recoverable when needed – wherever it resides.