backup solution for Nutanix

How HYCU Uses Nutanix Volume Group APIs for Consistent Data Protection
HYCU for Nutanix   
Backup and Recovery

In 2019 you can be sure of one thing: the risk of data corruption, ransomware and breaches will only increase. Your New Year’s resolution should include taking your Nutanix-led data center to the next level of enterprise data protection. So, what does that mean exactly? Tap into Recently Released Nutanix APIs The Nutanix platform comes…

Better Together: Improving Application Uptime with Tighter HYCU-Nutanix-SCOM Integration
SCOM MP for Nutanix
Monitoring for Nutanix

Application uptime and supporting IT organizations to deliver the best application user experience were, are, and will always be in the DNA of Comtrade Software. Our motivation for this latest product…

Mario Antunović
Mario Antunović