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Australian Integration Services Provider Slashes Backup and Recovery Times with Nutanix and HYCU

HYCU for Nutanix
Australian Integration Services Provider Slashes Backup and Recovery Times with Nutanix and HYCU

Data Lync is a leading Australian technology integration service provider specializing in the health care and elder care services sector. The Queensland firm provides technology design, implementation and support services, as well as server and network infrastructure services.


While the client had been using Veeam for backup in its VMWare environment, Data Lync wanted a backup and recovery solution that was tightly integrated with Nutanix. After evaluating several alternatives, HYCU emerged as the clear winner, offering the best combination of Nutanix integration, simplicity and performance. “We wanted to make backup and disaster recovery as simple as possible for the customer. HYCU fits that bill,” says Chris Eather, Director of Infrastructure & Operations at Data Lync. HYCU also offered a level of Nutanix integration that is unmatched. “The fact that HYCU was developed to be tightly integrated with Nutanix AHV and the Nutanix user experience is a big plus,” Eather says.


Super Speed and Performance: With HYCU, backup and restore times are significantly faster. Backup from source have gone from hours to a few minutes. Rock-solid Reliability: Extremely reliable and simple to manage: “It just works,” Eather says. “With most other products, there are always things you have to check. But not with HYCU. ”Cost Avoidance: The combination of Nutanix and HYCU enables Data Lync clients to avoid costly licenses, while providing failover with an active/active service. “Having the option to back up some machines from the source and others from the replica copy gives us a level of flexibility we lacked before HYCU,” said Chris Eather.

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