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Protect Your Code with Automated Backups and One-Click Restore

Your source code is the lifeblood of your business. Don't leave it vulnerable to data loss. HYCU ensures your repositories are automatically backed up and easily recoverable so you can code confidently.

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Image of HYCU's r-graph showing SaaS data real estate and protection status of different SaaS apps

Safeguard your source code from disruptions.

Eliminate data loss

Deletions, corruptions, bugs, and cyber-attacks always happen. HYCU gives you peace of mind with one-click restore and backup assurance.

Save developer time and increase code commits

Offload scripting and manual bulk recovery from your developers with automated backups and granular restore.

Meet compliance and resilience requirements

Automatically keep your backups in a safe, offsite storage location that meets your data residency and sovereignty needs.

Protect your DevOps Toolchain

Automate and unify backups across your Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, CI/CD pipelines, and production applications – all in one place.

Keep Bitbucket data in your control

Automatically store your backups offsite, in your S3-compatible storage.

Image of HYCU's r-graph showing SaaS data real estate and protection status of different SaaS apps for bitbucket

Data protection and compliance for Bitbucket on Atlassian Cloud.

Complete control of your source code

Store backup copies in S3-compatible storage where you can control data retention, security, and residency requirements.

One-click, granular restore

Restore anything from entire projects to specific source files and branches – eliminate the need for disruptive bulk recoveries from scripts.

Autopilot for backups, no scripts

Assign backup policies with one click to automate all backup operations. Take as many backups and store data as often as needed—all backups are ‘set and forget’ with 100% backup assurance.

Save dev time with self-service recovery

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to empower your developers to restore data quickly to avoid downtime.

Built-in compliance monitoring and logging

Visualize compliance across your Bitbucket projects and receive notifications of backup operations. With 24/7 logging, view and track all events and activities.

Unify backups across DevOps

Protect and restore critical data across your Git Repositories, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud services. Save developer and IT resources with rapid restore of misconfigurations and disruptions. 


Transform your Data Protection.

Restore your data in one click

  • Granular recovery with rapid Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  • One-click restore of Bitbucket projects and repositories.
HYCU R-Graph, a network map of all your SaaS backup and protection status.

Autopilot for your backups – no scripts needed

  • Assign backup policies in seconds that run 24/7  
  • Full freedom to manage Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and retention periods
  • Complete backup assurance with notifications and reporting
  • Backup for all of your Git repositories with automated GitHub and GitLab backup as well.  
HYCU Protégé for SaaS applications backup and recovery live status dashboard with a graph of applications by team, backup policies, targets, and pie charts of recoverable items.

Easily meet compliance and data retention requirements

  • Store copies of data offsite, from days to years
  • Access your backups even if Bitbucket is down  
  • Create reports to provide compliance and pass any audit
  • MFA, SSO, and Role-Based Access Control enabled
  • Create WORM-enabled ransomware-proof copies of your data for safe recovery

HYCU R-Graph, a network map of all your SaaS backup and protection status.
hycu screenshot

One platform, complete protection across on-premises, cloud and SaaS.

Simplify management and eliminate overlap in tools and vendors.
Protect over 70 data sources across on-premises, cloud and SaaS from one platform.
Backup workloads to PowerProtect Data Domain, DDVE, or ECS.

Extend PowerProtect Data Domain’s capabilities to hybrid and multi-cloud.  

Direct and tiered backups to PowerProtect Data Domain and Data Domain Virtual Edition.
Direct to cloud backups with Data Domain Virtual Edition.
Boost through put with DDBoost protocol.
hycu screenshot

See your data from every angle with HYCU R-Graph.

Built-in data estate discovery across on-premises, cloud and SaaS.  
Expose gaps in protection and identify mission-critical data that is susceptible ransomware attacks.
Quickly add protection, and back up data to PowerProtect Data Domain, DDVE or ECS.

Experience the power of HYCU + Dell today!  

Simple, secure protection for your PowerScale data

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