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We Put Time on Your Side

When it comes to keeping Nutanix Enterprise Cloud up and running, the longer it takes to sift through all those host log files,
and identify and figure out how to fix offending problems, the bigger they become.
Don’t let hours turn into days. And mole hills into mountains.

Identify Issues in Seconds

HYCU OMS Solution for Nutanix provides an incredibly simple, fast way to monitor and perform event and log analytics, using Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). Now you can fix problems before they balloon.

Free storage resources by pinpointing powered off and idle VMs. Delete VMs you aren’t using to free Nutanix storage resources.
Use historic Nutanix performance metrics on cluster/host/storage/VM latency, IOPs and resource utilization to define threshold-based alerts.
Drill down into hardware, storage, VM, and log and event analytics views by using Nutanix Hardware, Storage, VMs and Log and Event Analytics solutions.

Simplify Your Day

Let HYCU do the heavy lifting

Collecting alerts and events from individual Nutanix clusters is time-consuming. Correlating them is difficult. Getting a clear overview is even harder. We combine event analytics, log analytics, performance charts and alerts, so you can pinpoint configuration changes that made Nutanix performance soar or suffer.
When you’re troubleshooting issues and correlating data, nothing is worse than having to manually analyze log files from individual Nutanix nodes (CVMs). Instead, use syslog client functionality on CVMs to forward the log files to OMS, and OMS Log Analytics to avoid manual browsing.
You need historic resource consumption data to identify bottlenecks, right-size your Nutanix environment, and forecast future resource needs. Use our charts on CPU/memory usage, storage utilization, latency, IOPS, and more for clusters, hardware, storage and VMs.
Our Hardware View reveals host performance metrics and queries, like the number of VMs per Nutanix host in the cluster and top hosts by utilization. You can instantly find overloaded and underloaded hosts and clusters. And then shift VMs to balance loads and prevent bottlenecks.

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