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Image of HYCU's r-graph showing SaaS data real estate and protection status of different SaaS apps

Build with confidence using backup & restore built to cover the development lifecycle.

A chart showing HYCU's AWS partners for services such as KMS, Lambda, EC2 and implementations with Jira, Confluence, Notion, Asana, Okta etc.

Why customers love HYCU for AWS.

Automated backups, no scripts.

Quickly set up automated backups using built-in policies with just a few clicks, or  customize policies to meet your specific needs.  

Rapid, item-level restore.

One-click, item-level restore of critical AWS services like Lambda, CloudFormation, & IAM; plus critical SaaS apps like Terraform, Okta, Jira and MORE!

Simple! Manage
from one UI.

Manage all AWS backup & restore
policies and operations (plus SaaS)
from a single UI.
No no scripts, agents, no hassle!

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Key Features

Automated backups & granular, item-level restore for your critical AWS services.

- Automate backups to run 24/7 using built in policies, or run a backup on demand with just a click.  
- Restore data and configurations with item-level granularity for all AWS services protected with HYCU.

Widest coverage of AWS services PLUS critical SaaS applications.

- Think outside of compute & storage! Extend protection to more of your AWS services like AWS IAM, AWS CloudFormation, AWS KMS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Lambda and MORE!  
- Protect the critical SaaS apps your team depends on like Okta, Jira, Trello, Terraform, Asana and MORE!

HYCU R-Cloud: One platform, built differently to extend protection to more of your data than ever before.

- Easily see, manage, protect and restore your organization's data protection policies for AWS and SaaS from one single platform.  
- Widest coverage of AWS services, PLUS critical SaaS applications!

See HYCU for AWS in action!

Find out how you can protect more of the critical AWS services and cloud applications that you use across the development lifecycle.

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HYCU Dashboard for SaaS backup on AWS services

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