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“We are at our best when we stay true to our core values.”
~ Simon Taylor, CEO HYCU ~

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To be authentic means to be who we are and do it well. Focus your energy on being who YOU are. Be true to yourself. Authenticity also extends to our products. Understanding where we are truly the best fit for our customers and when we are not. And finally, authenticity in relationships: ensuring that we are honest and do what we say we are going to do.

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To win we need to want it. Every team member needs to be able to jump in and help at every turn. Whether it’s staying late to help a colleague or customer or finding a better process and making sure it’s communicated cross-functionally. You just have to do it and love it... and never stop trying.

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We need to care about each other, about our clients, about our business and about the world around us. That might seem like a tall order, but if we don’t live in a constant state of empathy, if we don’t strive to truly put ourselves in another person’s shoes, we cannot truly serve the market.

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"The best employees, interesting projects, and a lot of opportunities to additionally educate yourself make work in HYCU awesome and fun."
Vesna Novak
vesna novak profile
“I love working in HYCU as it gave me the chance to meet so many smart and cool people that are now my friends, customers, partners. Besides, it helped me tremendously improve my knowledge and skills.”
Mila Savićević
mila savicevic
“What’s not to love about HYCU? A high-octane environment that fuels constant innovation, demonstrates strong leadership and fosters a culture of empathy.”
Shiva Raja
shiva raja

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