Data Protection as a Service
Data Protection as a Service

Winning Plays with Nutanix+HYCU

January 1, 2022



Sales Play 1: Best Nutanix Alignment

Best Nutanix Alignment

The Go-To Data protection solution for any Nutanix-led datacenter

  • Comprehensive data-protection for Nutanix platform and its features
  • First or only one to support many Nutanix capabilities (Files, Volume Groups, ROBO, Mine, Near Sync)
  • Airtight alignment with Nutanix roadmap


Sales Play 2: Ransomware and Data Protection in-a-box

Ransomware and Data Protection in-a-box

Zero performance impact and fast recovery

  • HYCU + Mine = Backup and Recovery in-a-box
  • HYCU + Objects = Ransomware Data Protection in-a-box
  • High-performance, impact-free backups for AHV and ESXi
  • Deployed and integrated with Nutanix Mine and Objects storage with a few clicks
  • The only backup that runs on top of Objects cluster to deliver ransomware protection


Sales Play 3: Fastest, zero-impact Nutanix Files backup

Fastest, zero-impact Nutanix Files backup

We deliver: Highly scalable backups of Nutanix Files shares of any size

  • Highly efficient backup of Nutanix Files compared to any other vendor
  • Instant incremental backups of Nutanix Files using CFT API
  • Perform fast-recovery of files/folders from any backup target


Sales Play 4: Optimized for Nutanix ROBO

Optimized for Nutanix ROBO

Cost-effective backups for satellite offices

  • Use Nutanix Protection Domains to effectively backup replicated VMs
  • Save WAN bandwidth, infrastructure and management cost by 50%
  • Remote VMs are backed up from local replicas, resulting in fast completion times and shorter RPOs
  • Easy data recovery to source VMs with zero complications
  • Recover VM to source or central cluster with 1-click
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