What Sessions We Know Will be Wonderful at .NEXT 19 Copenhagen

September 25, 2019

With less than two weeks until the leading dreamers, thinkers and builders converge, or should we say hyper-converge, on .NEXT 19 Copenhagen, there are plenty of choices you will need to make in order to have the best experience possible.

Here are a few sessions and events we know should be on your calendar.

And, these are sessions that go beyond the must-see keynotes and guest speaker presentations by Caroline Wozniacki, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Fran Scott, Dr. Katie Bouman, Tim Peake, and Kit Harington, to name a few!

Wednesday, October 9

11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Nutanix Mine: Secondary Storage Simplified

Location: Hall C, Room 6

Tuhina Goel, Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix

Mark Nijmeijer, Director, Product Management, NutanixAfter the introduction of Nutanix Mine at .NEXT Anaheim, there was considerable excitement in Nutanix latest innovation helping to unify primary and secondary storage in a tightly integrated solution. At HYCU, we were just as excited to be the first out of the gate to support Nutanix Mine. From our recent webinar with Tuhina, which you can check out as a replay here, “Making Secondary Storage Invisible, Nutanix Mine with HYCU,” we know this session will generate considerable interest. Both Mark and Tuhina will provide an update on how Nutanix is making Infrastructure both “Simple” and “Invisible.”

11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Petabyte-scale Storage for Unstructured Data

Location: Auditorium 11

Laura Jordana, Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix

Vincent Van Engelen, Business Leader u2013 Files EMEA, Nutanix

No truer question was ever asked than, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could enable storage services on demand without learning a new set of tools?” We couldn’t agree more. In this sure to be packed session, Laura and Vincent will be sharing the latest Nutanix innovation around both Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects. At HYCU, we were excited to see some of the early performance testing around HYCU and Nutanix Objects in a recent blog Laura shared, “Using Nutanix Objects as an S3-Compatible Backup Target.” And, we’re particularly proud of our support and innovation around Nutanix Files. One item around how long it takes to do an incremental backup using HYCU and Nutanix Files when one file has changed among 20M makes makes for interesting viewing, “HYCU Incremental Backup of 20M Nutanix Files Share.”

11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Xi Clusters: Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with Nutanix in Public Clouds

Location: Hall C, Room 4

Dwayne Lessner, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix

Sridhar Devarapalli, General Manager, Networking and Cloud Services, Nutanix

Nutanix’s focus on making Infrastructure Invisible is evolving to even making clouds invisible. Customers that want to get the same data management capabilities but want to leverage the burst ability of Public Clouds can benefit from Xi Clusters. When clusters come up as permanent or as a burst, customers still need to protect their critical data. For HYCU, the first solution to be validated on Xi Clusters, Xi Clusters definitely gives customers the power of Nutanix with the on-demand availability of AWS.

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm

Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) Deployments That Work the First Time

Location: Hall C, Room 2

For years, remote and branch office workers have felt like second-class citizens when it came to IT. And while the challenges to support these workers are unique and varied, ensuring you are reducing costs and streamlining efficiencies to support them at the edge, is another attractive Nutanix innovation. And, support for ROBO environments needs to be done with 1-click simplicity, much like Nutanix. You can read more on how HYCU supports that here, “Optimized Nutanix Remote/Branch Office (ROBO) Data Backup and Recovery.

Pavan Kumar Konka, Technical Director of Engineering, Nutanix

Matteo La Porta, Senior System, Network and Security Admin, Canali SpA

Ka Ho Chan, Principal Product Manager, Nutanix

Jim Ekberg-Hegner, Technical Program Manager, Nutanix

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm

Introduction to Nutanix Files: Intelligent File Storage for the Cloud Era

Location: Auditorium 11

You don’t need to turn far to realize that unstructured data rates have been growing unchecked for years, and is not a new phenomenon. In large part, that is why there is so much interest in finding the right solutions to manage and protect these solutions. And while managing these environments presents challenges, as we know, backing up massive, scale-out file servers has always been equally challenging. Perhaps that is one reason we’re excited by this session as Dave, Dave and Luc will shine a light on Nutanix Files. You can read more on a few ways we add value to Nutanix Files in a post our VP Engineering Goran Garevski shared, “Incremental for Nutanix Files.”

Dave Kresse, VP and GM, Files, Nutanix

David Pryke, Technology Architect, Large Pharma Company

Luc Van Remoortel, Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix

2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Nutanix Insider

Location: Hall B2, Room 1

Johnny Vietvu, Staff Engineer, Nutanix

Kalpesh Ashok Bafna, Staff Engineer, Nutanix

Om Saran K R E, Technical Staff Member, Nutanix

Tejas Nagendra Babu Nama, Technical Staff Member, Nutanix

Praburam Rambadram, Senior Director Engineering, Nutanix

Savio Aguiar, Director, Design, Nutanix


Shhhhhhhh! You’ll need an NDA to enter this session, but we are sure it will be well worth your time. For the first time, Nutanix is opening up their private session for attendees to sneak a peek into the future innovation many at Nutanix are working on. You definitely won’t want to miss this one!


2:45 pm– 4:00 pm

Introducing AHV MetroCluster

Location: Hall C, Room 5

Fabio Giorgio, Senior Systems Engineer

Premadurga Kolli, Senior Technical Staff Member, Nutanix

Kiran Tatiparthi, Senior Technical Manager, Nutanix

Gourab Baksi, Principle Product Manager, Nutanix

Driving innovation for AHV, and eliminating the vTax for high availability environments, is top of mind for many. This is another sure to be packed session as Fabio, Premadurga, Krian and Gourab look at best practices for disaster avoidance with AHV. At HYCU, ensuring your data protection is aligned to support both AHV and the platform is of prime importance. We’re looking forward to being the first solution provider to support a new use for AHV which will surely be of interest to many Nutanix customers.


4:30 pm – 5:15 pm

From the Customer’s Perspective: How to Eliminate Data Protection Complexity Using HYCU

Location: Hall C, Room 4

Marko Ljubanovic, Director, Global Systems Engineering, HYCU

In this session, our worldwide lead of Systems Engineering, hosts an intimate conversation with a leading financial services company that is using HYCU to align with their Nutanix innovation. Simplifying their backup and recovery is just one of many items HYCU is addressing. You won’t want to miss this one!


7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

.NEXT Festival

Location: Lokomotivværkstedet

After a long day of great presentations, sessions, networking and learning, time to relax, kick back and enjoy the social side of .NEXT at Copenhagen’s “most beautiful raw event location!” This is sure to be a great party!


Thursday, October 10

10:35 am – 11:20 am

Essential Backup and Recovery Strategies

Location: Hall C, Room 6

As the first to support Nutanix Files (formerly AFS), this is a must see presentation to hear the latest innovation with Nutanix Files and what is coming. Vishal shared more on where HYCU fits with Nutanix Files here. Make sure to check that out before the session! And, our VP Engineering Goran Garevski shared how HYCU is uniquely designed to do some pretty cool things with Nutanix Files, like needing less than a minute to perform an incremental backup of 20M files Nutanix share when just a single file is changed. You can read more and catch a pretty cool video on that here.

Martijn Bossschaart, EMEA Partner Enablement Strategist, Nutanix

Joice John, Staff Engineer, Nutanix

Mark Nijmeijer, Director, Product Management, Nutanix


11:35 am – 12:20 pm

Deep Dive: Nutanix Files

Location: Hall C, Room 4

Vikram Gupta, Director, Product Management, Nutanix Files, Nutanix

Vishal Sinha, VP, Engineering, Nutanix

Much like the prior day’s presentations on Nutanix Files, you won’t want to miss this one. Vishal was kind enough to share more on where HYCU fits with Nutanix Files prior here. And, we’re particularly proud of the support and innovation we’ve been able to drive for HYCU around Nutanix Files.


11:35 am – 12:20 pm

Deep Dive: Xi Leap

Location: Hall C, Room 6

Parta Ramachandran, Senior Technical Director, Engineering, Nutanix

Dwayne Lessner, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix

The journey to the cloud can’t be complete without figuring out how to integrate public cloud offerings. With Nutanix running on-premises but you want to take advantage of disaster recovery in the cloud, Xi Leap is an obvious choice. And when you are running Xi Leap, you also need to protect the data on the cloud. When you do, you’ll want to make sure to choose the right data protection solution. One more reason, we’re looking forward to working with Nutanix on Xi Leap.


1:35 pm – 2:05 pm

REPEAT: Nutanix Mine: Secondary Storage Simplified

Location: Hall C, Room 6

Tuhina Goel, Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix

Mark Nijmeijer, Director, Product Management, Nutanix

Mark and Tuhina will be repeating their Nutanix Mine presentation from Wednesday at this time. We know if you weren’t able to make the first session, you won’t want to miss this one.


1:45 pm – 2:30 pm

REPEAT: Introduction to Nutanix Files: Intelligent File Storage for the Cloud Era

Location: Auditorium 11

Dave Kresse, VP and GM, Files, Nutanix

Luc Van Remoortel, Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix

Dave and Luc will be repeating their session from Wednesday at this time.


And while, as with all Nutanix events, there is so much to do and see and not enough hours in the day to do everything, if you ever miss out on any sessions, you can follow updates on Nutanix Nation. Nutanix does an excellent job of providing updates, along with the latest developments on Nutanix innovation.

If you are attending, please make a point of visiting HYCU at the Platinum Pavilion. We feel strongly that while you have choices, there is a right choice to make when you need a backup and recovery solution for your Nutanix journey.

If we missed any sessions you are looking forward to, let us know!

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