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Top 5 topics I was asked at F5 Agility

September 9, 2016

Earlier this month I visited F5 Agility US in Chicago, where Comtrade Software was one of the conference sponsors.

Agility is a great event squarely focused on application delivery and it presents a unique opportunity to talk with F5 technical leaders as well as to F5 end users.The Comtrade Software booth provided lots of opportunities for meetings and insightful conversations during Agility, I came to realize that almost everyone I talked to were looking for same things.

Here are top 5 I identified:

  • Better ASM visibility outside F5 ecosystem for sharing data from ASM logs with other teams (i.e. security team). The good news is that Comtrade Software has a great solution for this!
  • Detailed traffic processing overview across all modules. I suggest to closely watch the progress of F5 App-IQ as it may prove to be the next big thing in F5 universe.
  • Monitoring solutions need to use the advantages of centralized monitoring to consolidate alerts and views and users are looking for vendor solution to reduce risks related to DIY solutions based on a few general SNMP traps and log file processing platforms.
  • SCOM proves to be favorable monitoring platform for those already running Microsoft shops.
  • For US F5 users it is very important to have DNS (formerly GTM) monitoring, as at least of 60% of users who approached us, are using this module and are needing more visibility as well as centralized monitoring.

Do you want to talk about your F5 ecosystem monitoring needs or more information on the above topics? Let’s talk - contact me at milan.bundalo@comtrade.com

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