The Importance of Maintaining Application Uptime and the Role of Monitoring

February 13, 2018

The common standard to guarantee service uptime is 99.9% service uptime.

That translates to less than 90 seconds of downtime per day, less than 45 minutes per month and less than 9 hours per year, on average. To meet, or exceed, those uptime numbers, maintaining application performance and reliability becomes even more important.

So when you’re talking about application up-time, you need to ask tough questions:

  • Why did you have application hiccups?
  • What could you have been done to save application stability?
  • What if you were able to detect the problem before it affected the application?

At Comtrade Software, we designed the Comtrade F5 BIG-IP Management Pack with application uptime in mind.

For us, we provide intelligent predictive analysis of application delivery and the application delivery infrastructure for both health and performance.

Our solution includes 14 checks designed to reduce the number of outages for critically important applications (and all others as well).

Among other things we execute intelligent, predictive checks of:

  • Failover readiness
  • Certificates (even in complex setups not supported by other solutions)
  • License usage
  • Security configuration

By preventing incidents and acting before an issue affects an application, we help maximize application uptime while reducing IT staff stress as they are acting proactively instead of reactively.

To learn more about our F5 BIG-IP Management packs, check out a free evaluation!

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