HYCU at Oktane22– What to Know Before You Go

HYCU at Oktane22– What to Know Before You Go

November 2, 2022

With the recent announcement of Okta Ventures series B extension investment fresh on our minds, it’s onto Oktane22 for their 10thAnnual Okta User Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from Nov. 8-10th.

It’s the Identity Event of the Year!

Come to Oktane and learn why having an Identity First strategy is imperative in enabling organizations like HYCU to be more agile and more secure. All while building more meaningful connections with our customers and employees along the way.

“Connecting Okta's powerful SSO and identity management solutions with HYCU’s Protégé platform ensures data is available and protected regardless of location. We are thrilled to welcome Okta Ventures as an investor and to collaborate with Okta and the power of their industry-leading platform to provide a secure, easy-to-use, and intuitive data protection solution for enterprise users around the world,” said Simon Taylor, founder, and CEO.

With over 100 joint customers spanning the globe, the power of Okta’s SSO solution gives our shared users powerful data security and ransomware protection capability to minimize and decrease the risks of data breaches.

Simon continued, “With more than 150 data sources being used at midsize enterprise alone, the need to protect and be prepared for a recovery situation in the inevitable event of a ransomware attack, has never been greater.”

Just the Facts

The highlight of the event will be for attendees to experience HYCU Protégé firsthand and see why the integration of Okta and HYCU is so powerful.

In a recent “Founders in Focus” interview with Austin Arsenberg, Senior Director at Okta Ventures, Simon was asked to expound on the HYCU Protégé solution and what challenges it solves. Here is what he had to say:

“Data has not only increased in volume but also in complexity, with the average company now storing data in 150 different locations. Legacy data protection solutions work by protecting individual data sources, but they do nothing to decrease the attack surface. They actually create more complexity, which often makes it more difficult for companies to protect their data and leaves them at greater risk of being impacted by ransomware."

HYCU Protégé is the first data protection platform to address this by natively integrating with the various places that companies store data on-premises, in the cloud, and within SaaS applications. Using HYCU Protégé, customers can finally get equal levels of data protection no matter where their data is stored. And because HYCU Protégé is a single platform, users can view and manage all their data protection policies within one intuitive interface. Protégé is simple, easy to use, and designed to protect modern hybrid and multi-cloud data estates.

Our solutions are purpose-built for each backup source protected. We currently have offerings for AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Nutanix, and Dell PowerScale environments. We also support various enterprise and SaaS applications and databases such as Microsoft365, SAP HANA, and MySQL, to name a few. This enables customers to protect data residing within those infrastructure platforms, apps, and databases. Still, it also gives them the freedom to migrate their data across platforms or to implement cost-effective disaster recovery.

We’ve seen many different types of customers benefit from HYCU Protégé. It is used by companies that are looking for a single vendor to provide data protection across their hybrid and multi-cloud environments, by leading Software-as-a-Service providers that need to ensure their customers’ data is protected, and by service providers who are looking for better ways to offer data protection services to their customers.”

For more information on HYCU and to learn more, visit HYCU at Oktane22, the 10th Annual Okta User Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from Nov. 8-10th.

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