How HYCU Uses Nutanix Volume Group APIs for Consistent Data Protection

January 15, 2019

In 2019 you can be sure of one thing: the risk of data corruption, ransomware and breaches will only increase. Your New Year’s resolution should include taking your Nutanix-led data center to the next level of enterprise data protection. So, what does that mean exactly?

Tap into Recently Released Nutanix APIs

The Nutanix platform comes with some data protection functionality at the virtual machine (VM), file, and volume group level. In late 2018, Nutanix released new volume group APIs that help deepen data protection for virtual data centers.

The latest version of HYCU for Nutanix includes support for Nutanix volume groups, which we covered in our recent webinar Learn about HYCU V3.5 Data Protection for Nutanix. HYCU 3.5 allows you to fully leverage the Nutanix volume group APIs to provide consistent backup and recovery across your virtual data center.

Understanding Nutanix Volume Groups and Up-leveling Your Nutanix Data Protection

A volume group is the logical construct used to group virtual disks for storage presentation to VMs or physical servers. In everyday language, a volume group is simply a collection of virtual disks which are attached to VMs or physical servers and automatically backed up. Volume groups are used for blocks and to improve performance on traditional applications. A combination of volume groups and iSCSI is now referred to as Nutanix Volumes, formerly called Acropolis Block Services (ABS).


Understanding Nutanix Volume Groups and Up-leveling Your Nutanix Data Protection

Volume Groups can be presented to each node of the cluster.



HYCU protection of these volume groups needs to leverage the APIs to understand where the disk is in the cluster.

The HYCU backup then knows what to back up and how to protect the data appropriately.

Nutanix volume group APIs let you take an unlimited number of snapshots of virtual disks and VMs locally or you can replicate them to a remote site or a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).


How volume Groups are represented in HYCU's interface

How Volume Groups are represented in HYCU’s interface



Nutanix volume groups attached to virtual machines (VM) are automatically backed up within the VM backup process.

HYCU is the first solution to deliver impact-free, snapshot-based backup of performance sensitive apps using Nutanix Volume Groups.

In addition, HYCU provides the first solution to have snapshot based, impact free SAP HANA backup on Nutanix and the first agentless, impact-free, snapshot-based backup of Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster. HYCU creates application consistent backup of Nutanix volume groups which is used as a database file shared storage between cluster nodes.

HYCU leverages the Nutanix storage as sources for Volumes and Files as well as backup targets, and includes support for Object Storage offering in Nutanix Buckets. HYCU provides comprehensive insight about all the storage on the Nutanix platform as well as tight integration, which optimizes protection. This integration capability enables HYCU to set up jobs specifically to protect Nutanix volume groups attached to VMs, which are automatically backed up within the VM backup process.

HYCU is the first backup and recovery vendor to leverage the new APIs and provides the ultimate protection for your Nutanix storage offerings.

HYCU is the perfect complement to Nutanix and how HYCU augments the Nutanix data protection layer.

Learn More about HYCU Volume Group protection, click here for our datasheet or contact us at info@hycu.com.

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