HYCU highlighted purpose-built data protection for AWS

A 2021 Highlight, HYCU at AWS re:Invent

December 31, 2021

To say that this year’s AWS re:Invent didn’t disappoint is an understatement.

Building on years of supporting solutions for users that needed AWS data protection, we announced the launch of HYCU for AWS.

This milestone marked the latest cloud-native data protection solution to be added to our signature R-Cloud portfolio.

The event was marked by a number of celebrations including the preview of HYCU for AWS. We also hosted a Founder’s Dinner at Gordan Ramsay’s Steak House to mark where HYCU was conceived. A notable way to celebrate by going back to where it all began.

Most importantly, and as always, it was about the people.

A celebration of our customers, prospects, colleagues, peers, and friends. After almost two years with little direct event contact, we were finally able to get together again . . . in person! We laughed, toasted, and had meaningful and engaging conversations. It was well worth it.

Subbiah Sundaram, VP of Products at HYCU summed up the week nicely:

“This is another milestone for HYCU in 2021. The reaction we received at AWS re:Invent from our customers, partners and prospects is a greater affirmation that what we are doing at HYCU fundamentally different.”

Now that re:Invent is behind us, we think about the word “reinvent” itself. For HYCU, it wasn’t about invention or re-invention, but more about innovation, specifically continued innovation. Or as we fundamentally believe and Subbiah noted, purpose-built innovation.

As we look to 2022 and beyond, we will continue to stay focused on driving that innovation for the benefit of our customers and partners. We look forward to sharing more and when we can celebrate in person. First and foremost though, we want to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Our success is contingent on our continued success with our partners and customers. You are the building block of what HYCU stands for and to echo Subbiah’s statement above, it is events like re:Invent that remind us of how doing things “fundamentally different” at HYCU can further achieve our desire to add simplicity to multi-cloud data management.

The following are only a small representation of how cool the event was!

Look forward to sharing more and seeing you all in 2022!

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