Accelerating Your Ransomware Recovery with the Right Backup Strategy

If you’ve paid attention to the rapid evolution of cybercrime, you know it’s just a matter of time before criminals target your business with ransomware.

When it happens, how long will it take you to get back to business?

For most companies, the true cost of a ransomware attack isn’t the ransom itself, it’s the cost of downtime, lost business, and rebuilding. In fact, the average monetary impact on business doubled recently to nearly $2 million.

Read this eBook to learn 5 key areas to focus on to accelerate your ransomware recovery from weeks to hours and save the business’ money and reputation.

The key topics include:
  • Finetuning your backup process and infrastructure to meet the unique demands of ransomware attacks
  • Developing commonsense security and networking best practices that reduce risk
  • Evaluating the status of your restoration assurance and disaster recovery preparedness

Ransomware can seem like a nebulous, far-away threat—until it happens. The right recovery strategy can ensure that ransomware will minimally impact the business, no matter how close it gets.

Download your copy of “Accelerating Your Ransomware Recovery with the Right Backup Strategy” today and learn how to defang ransomware attacks.

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