2022-23 DCIG TOP5 AWS Cloud Backup Solutions Small & Medium Enterprise Edition

At AWS Summit, analyst firm DCIG showcased HYCU Protégé for AWS as a TOP 5 Backup Solution for Large Enterprises.

Now, HYCU is proud to announce, DCIG chose HYCU Protégé for AWS as a TOP 5 Backup solution for Small to Medium Enterprises.

HYCU Protégé for AWS was called out for:

  • Immediate access through the AWS Marketplace
  • Protection of up to 1 TB of EC2 data with a Free-Tier Services option
  • Ease of management with any other AWS resource
  • Providing total control of backup data

As enterprises of all sizes continue to host more apps, data, and workloads in AWS, they must also take steps to protect them.

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