9 Ways to Get BaaS for Google Cloud Right

Are you currently evaluating your backup and recovery approach? Do you want to be truly cloud-native and purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform?

If you answered “yes” or are still unsure, we invite you to download our latest eBook: “9-Ways to Get BaaS for Google Cloud Right.”  

This eBook explores 9 key factors to optimize data resiliency in your Google Cloud Platform environment through Backup as a Service (BaaS) such as:

  • How to support all elements within your infrastructure, both on-prem “clouds” and public clouds
  • Offering elastic scaling to keep pace with growth
  • Simplifying data migration, disaster recovery, cloning, and other advanced capabilities
  • Identifying how to use the cloud cost-effectively

Managing data protection in your Google Cloud Platform environment is uniquely different than in a traditional, on-prem data center model.

Download your free eBook today and start discovering the best practices needed to ensure the most effective data protection, with the least risk of surprises.

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