5 Steps Every IT Professional Should Take to Prepare for a Ransomware Attack

Executive Summary

Your IT and security teams work hard to prevent ransomware attacks.

Are you ready to bounce back when an attacker worms their way through your defenses?

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and persistent with ransomware attacks, but IT professionals have powerful strategies and tools at their disposal to mitigate risks and ensure ransom requests can be ignored.

Download this eBook to learn the 5 key best practices for IT professionals to adopt in preparation for a ransomware attack, including:

  • The importance of an application-aware approach to disaster recovery (DR)
  • Key data protection measures to implement in your backup strategy
  • Tips for maintaining a cost-effective DR strategy, even in the cloud
  • Ways to assess your organization’s ransomware readiness

The right backup and recovery strategy can mean the difference between expensive ransom payments and weeks of downtime or a seamless return to business in minutes or hours.  

Get your free copy today and share it with your colleagues to jumpstart a critical conversation about ransomware recovery readiness.

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