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January 2, 2018

More and more organizations are investing in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). And, the market is growing rapidly with conservative predictions pegging growth to $4BN by 2019. And, indications are that Nutanix is #1. Some of the companies are investing in HCI when it is time to replace their existing traditional three-tier infrastructure. In large part so they can remain competitive and tap modern solutions to enable their core business to grow and be more agile. Nowadays business growth heavily depends on the underlying technology and as we know the best technology choice could mean significant competitive advantage in the market.

But with Benefits Come Challenges to IT

Organizations that are considering to invest in HCI can expect many benefits, including:

  • high application performance and availability,
  • faster deployment of new business applications and services,
  • seamless extension to the cloud, and
  • lower operating costs.

The decision to go with HCI often depends on the ability to leverage existing management and monitoring tools so the monitoring team can continue to deliver visibility on application performance and the underlying infrastructure. The reason that is important is it facilitates collaboration and greater team coordination. You can read more on that in my previous blog How can SCOM help SysAdmins?

Application-awareness is Critical

The right monitoring solution is designed to prevent application delivery issues in the first place, but when issues happen, the monitoring solution should be able to help the IT team isolate and fix any issues in the shortest time possible. This is typically measured by Mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and depends on the ability to simply connect an application’s behavior with the behavior of the underlying infrastructure.

Comtrade SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix fills that gap and provides the following benefits to the SCOM monitoring team:

  • Application auto-discovery which gives users complete App-VM-Infrastructure overview
  • Rapid troubleshooting of application issues by correlating data from application to the bare metal within a single dashboard

If your organization is using SCOM and has invested in Nutanix, Dell EMC XC or Lenovo HX Series, Comtrade Software has the right monitoring solution for you. After many years of delivering monitoring solutions keeping applications up and running is our specialty.Check out our latest version of Nutanix SCOM Management pack and see how application awareness could help you in practice. Take a minute and get your free trial.

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