Nutanix without HYCU?It's like Yin without Yang

Try HYCU Backup and Recovery for Nutanix.


Why wouldn’t you? HYCU is the only backup and recovery solution designed exclusively for Nutanix. Other solutions are one size fits all. HCI is all about power and simplicity - so is HYCU.

How does it work?

HYCU can backup and recover any virtual machine regardless of OS, offering Nutanix-like simplicity with 1-click backups and application-aware workflow recovery. Tight integration with Nutanix Prism makes this process effortless.

Technical specifications

  • Backup AHV/ESX VMs – hypervisor agnostic
  • Automated application discovery for fully transparent VMs
  • Single-click policy-based backup
  • Application specific recovery workflows

How is it different from other solutions?

HYCU emulates the look and feel of Nutanix, making the user experience familiar and your transition seamless. Nutanix is cutting edge HCI - HYCU is cutting edge Backup and Recovery. They’re meant for each other.

How long will it take before I’m ready to backup?

Once downloaded, HYCU takes, on average, 3 minutes to deploy and 4 minutes to learn. You can be up and running in less time than it takes to brew your morning coffee.

What’s the catch?

None. If you’re using Nutanix, you really have no excuse not to try HYCU. It is the perfect match for your existing Nutanix investment, perfectly aligned with your Nutanix data protection strategies.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

After your 45 days, your trial membership will finish. There is no cost. After your trial finishes you will be sent an email detailing how you can continue to use HYCU for Nutanix. There is no obligation on your end but we are confident you will see from your trial how effective HYCU is.

Who Trusts Us

“Hurricane Irma was looming and I wanted to get my data to a remote location, somewhere separate from the physical cluster. We picked up the storage appliance, took it to a secure location and that was it – we’ve had a good relationship with HYCU ever since…It’s been a great partnership.”

José Bellas, CIO University Healthcare

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