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When it comes to keeping Nutanix Enterprise Cloud up and running, the longer it takes to sift through all those host log files,and identify and figure out how to fix offending problems, the bigger they become.Don’t let hours turn into days. And mole hills into mountains.

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Identify Issues in Seconds

HYCU OMS Solution for Nutanix provides an incredibly simple, fast way to monitor and perform event and log analytics, using Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS). Now you can fix problems before they balloon.

Get Results in Seconds

Get a consolidated view of all log files across Nutanix Controller VMs (CVMs). Instantly. Without manually delving into any hosts. Use the power of OMS to quickly return query results.

Extend your OMS Investment

We’re the only solution that leverages OMS for Nutanix monitoring and analytics. And because we’re in the cloud, there’s no costly hardware or on-premise software to worry about.

Fix Latency by Measuring SSD to HDD Ratios

Find out if slow applications are caused by the latency of hosting Nutanix clusters on slow storage. If the ratio of solid state disks vs. hard disk drives drops, it’s time to add more SSDs.

More benefits

Free storage resources by pinpointing powered off and idle VMs. Delete VMs you aren’t using to free Nutanix storage resources.
Use historic Nutanix performance metrics on cluster/host/storage/VM latency, IOPs and resource utilization to define threshold-based alerts.
Drill down into hardware, storage, VM, and log and event analytics views by using Nutanix Hardware, Storage, VMs and Log and Event Analytics solutions.

Did you know that OMS for Nutanix now runs on Microsoft Azure?

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“HYCU’s OMS Solution makes Nutanix log investigation much easier. By enabling sequential correlation of log messages from different Nutanix services and hosts, it puts log entries in context and significantly accelerates finding root causes for potential issues.”

Steve Buchanan
Microsoft MVP for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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