Comtrade Software Unveils SCOM SuperPacks for Nutanix
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Comtrade Software Unveils SCOM SuperPacks for Nutanix

New Monitoring Tools Deliver Greater Insight into the Application’s Impact across the IT Stack

BOSTON, December 6, 2016 – Comtrade Software, a leading provider of enterprise IT infrastructure and application monitoring and data protection solutions, today announced new Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) SuperPacks to increase visibility into applications running on Nutanix enterprise cloud through integrated dashboards that correlate metrics between different management packs for a single view of entire IT environment.  The new solutions are part of significant enhancements to the company’s SCOM Management Pack for Nutanix, first introduced in May 2016.

Comtrade’s SCOM SuperPacks combine application data from existing Citrix, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server management packs with the underlying infrastructure data from Comtrade’s Nutanix Management Pack to deliver a consolidated view of performance across the entire application delivery stack hosted on Nutanix hyperconverged environments. This enables deeper levels of application monitoring and awareness, giving IT teams greater ability to visualize performance trends, predict and troubleshoot issues before they arise, and configure workloads for enhanced efficiencies, all within one holistic interface.

“Monitoring applications and their infrastructure is critical to ensuring business continuity and improving the experience of the end-user,” said Simon Taylor, president at Comtrade Software and chief strategy officer at Comtrade Group. “Our new SuperPacks let IT see below the tip of the iceberg to effectively monitor the entire IT stack like never before. This sophisticated integration of application and infrastructure data ensures a simple and comprehensive Nutanix monitoring experience.”

Comtrade SCOM SuperPacks: Simplify, Integrate, Extend

Comtrade Software SuperPacks deliver deep insight and visibility into Nutanix and the common workloads built on Nutanix virtual machines (VMs) to better understand the impact on the IT environment. Performance and resource metrics are delivered through comprehensive dashboards that correlate application and infrastructure data to help IT predict and troubleshoot specific scenarios before they affect an application’s quality of service. SuperPacks are available for the following application environments:

  • Nutanix-Citrix SuperPack
    • Identify insufficient resources, detect overcommitment of Nutanix Storage Pool or Cluster hosting Citrix VDI, prevent Citrix QoS issues and quickly identify Citrix logon delays.
  • Nutanix-Microsoft Exchange SuperPack
    • Monitor Exchange storage health and availability, and determine when additional resources need to be applied to prevent latency impact on users.
  • Nutanix-Microsoft SQL Server SuperPack
    • Monitor SQL storage health and availability, and leverage root cause analysis to eliminate bottlenecks.

Comtrade Software SCOM MP for Nutanix: New Enhancements for Greater Visibility  

Comtrade today also announced significant enhancements to its SCOM Management Pack (MP) for Nutanix, which offers topology discovery, root cause analysis and proactive alerting as part of activities within Microsoft SCOM console. New features include:

  • Enhanced VM Alerts: VM performance related alerts now include a list of top processes on VM by resource consumption.
  • Greater Insight into VMs: Awareness into processes running across VMs.
  • New Reports: New reporting functionality to monitor Nutanix enterprise cloud infrastructure, VM sizing, VM storage density, and capacity planning.
  • Deeper Application Awareness: Ability to detect physical machines or VMs not running on Nutanix, but that are part of federated applications containing VMs running on Nutanix.
  • Enhanced Dashboards: New speedometer charts to quickly identify whether current performance is within healthy limits.


Enhancements to Comtrade Software’s SCOM management pack for Nutanix and Comtrade Software’s Nutanix-Citrix SuperPack is available immediately. SuperPacks for Nutanix-Microsoft Exchange and Nutanix-Microsoft SQL Server will be available the first quarter of 2017.

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