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Citrix Site environment missing in Group Members (VMs) of Overview Applications dashboard because of Citrix Awareness discovery issue

Issue / Symptom

The Citrix Site group displayed in Overview Applications dashboard doesn’t contain any Citrix Delivery Controller, Citrix Desktop OS Machine or Citrix Server OS Machine; only VMs with Citrix StoreFront role are shown inside Group Members (VMs) datagrid.

Environment on which this was spotted was SCOM 2012/2016 hosted on Windows Server 2016.

The root cause of the problem was the Windows Management Framework 5.1 (build 5.1.14393) that has a problem with the following PS cmdlet:

Test-Connection <IP> -Quiet

There was no response – the command never completed. As a result of that discovery failed.


Solution / Advice

Check PowerShell version ($PSVersionTable.PSVersion) and run Windows update to install all Windows Cumulative updates containing also update for Windows Management Framework 5.1.

The issue is fixed within WMF 5.1.14394.