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HYCU, Inc.
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Doing More with Less
for Proven Superior Results

Every year, waiting on final budget approvals, you know you’ll be tasked with achieving the same IT goals while spending less. At the same time, you’re trying to take advantage of the latest technology innovations to drive costs out of your infrastructure.

No one understands that better than HYCU. For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping Federal, State and Local governments to protect and monitor their critical applications with less complexity and cost. We work with the industry’s leading platform and technology innovators like Citrix, F5, Microsoft, and Nutanix to extend the value, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to keep your IT moving forward.

How We Help Federal, Local
and State Governments

Providing a smooth roadmap to cloud integration, extending the value and purpose of existing applications and helping to relinquish the bottlenecks caused by legacy IT.

Focusing on the tools and resources to improve your digital infrastructure and push your business way ahead of its competition.

Modernizing your IT infrastructure with a seamless migration to the Cloud.

Expanding the use of existing IT and applications while eliminating additional cost or unnecessary infrastructure or professional services.

Maintaining both small and large data growth with unique and easy to install and deploy monitoring and data protection.

Adhering with stringent privacy laws and compliance standards, ensuring that sensitive data is safe with role-based security policies and compliance with encryption standards such as FIPS 140-2.

Data Protection

The only purpose-built backup and recovery for Nutanix with 100% application focus

Agencies Who Trust Us


Are you prepared to recover from a ransomware attack?

Important, Simple to Use, Efficient, Cost-Effective and Cloud Ready

HYCU offers and supports the only data protection and monitoring solutions naturally integrated with the on-prem and cloud platforms. HYCU’s award-winning solutions are purpose-built, easy to deploy, manage and require little to no additional resources or professional services to manage.

When using HYCU’s latest cloud platforms, there is no need to have complicated setups with limited applications residing in the cloud and partial applications living in a legacy environment. You will want to make sure that you are taking complete advantage of the cloud by moving new applications and workloads, while decommissioning old applications.

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Maximize IT Staffing with Strategic Sourcing and Shared SelfServices

self service

Modernizing your IT environment is a competitive necessity, and you will need the up-to-the minute cloud advancements to get you there. Ridding yourself of legacy infrastructure, servers, hardware and applications will open the door to other potential cost-saving opportunities.

Taking advantage of IT innovation to achieve a cycle of cost savings, quality improvements and reducing duplicate procedures should be a forgone conclusion. However, presenting process enhancements can be time-consuming. Federal Agencies need to leverage their buying power efficiently to obtain the best IT services.

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