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HYCU developed one of the world’s first commercial applications for Microsoft OMS


HYCU’s OMS Solution for Nutanix extends Nutanix’s native monitoring capabilities with advanced log and events correlation on OMS. It enables administrators to quickly pinpoint issues that affect QoS of applications running on Nutanix Enterprise Clouds. They can access historic Nutanix performance metrics like Cluster/Host/Storage/VM latency, IOPS and resource utilization, which allows definition of threshold-based alerts. By instantly identifying Nutanix resource configuration issues, administrators can avoid performance bottlenecks.


How We Help

HYCU is at the forefront of OMS solution development. We have a unique relationship with the Microsoft OMS team, which provides us with critical insights into OMS capabilities, nuances and plans. By combining this intelligence with expertise we have gain from decades of working with SCOM and other monitoring solutions, we are able to quickly develop rich OMS solutions for a range of clients. These solutions have gained considerable attention for their performance, simplicity and business impact – inspiring everyone from technical resources to corporate VPs at Microsoft, and their clients, to showcase, blog about, and promote HYCU OMS solution development.


Who We Help

  • Solution providers looking at integrating data collection and visualization in Microsoft OMS for their hardware and/or software.
  • Medium to large enterprises that have committed to Microsoft Azure and want to use the native tool OMS to monitor data and applications within this cloud or hybrid service.


We provide IT Operations Specialists, Application Owners, CIOs, CTOs, IT Architects, and Product Leads within these organizations with additional skills and resources to support operations monitoring as they move from on-premises infrastructure to cloud services such as Azure.


Your Partner for End-to-End Monitoring Solutions Development

Our successes with Microsoft OMS are backed by over 25 years of experience developing, supporting and maintaining monitoring solutions for HYCU and our clients. Our expertise includes:

  • Application monitoring: understanding the architecture, tunable characteristics and metrics that drive optimal application performance
  • Infrastructure information: monitoring the underlying cloud or data center infrastructure that supports the applications’ availability, health and performance
  • Integration with management consoles: allowing information to be displayed and managed in your console of choice, including:
    • Systems Management and Monitoring Consoles (Microsoft SCOM, OMS, Oracle Enterprise Manager, HPE Operations Manager, HPE OMi)
    • Virtual Computing Management Consoles (vCenter, vROPs)

Maximize Your Microsoft Investments

Get the most out of your Microsoft technologies and Azure services. Work with HYCU to deliver:

  • Optimal performing, highly available infrastructure and applications for continuous business operation
  • Reduced Mean Time to Repair by gaining deep visibility into applications and infrastructure
  • Proactive response on issues and effective planning on capacity needs
  • SLAs for system and/or applications
  • Reduced data center complexity by enabling standardization on a management console
  • Comprehensive management reporting on growth, health, availability and performance

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With HYCU's over 25 years of experience in software engineering services, we know there’s a brighter future in sight. You can bank on it.

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