Simple, Scalable and Secure​
Data Protection for Dell PowerScale

A full-fledged purpose-built data protection for DELL EMC’s PowerScale OneFS (previously known as Isilon)​
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With HYCU’s minimalist deployment, micro-services architecture and hyper backup security, customers can easily scale and achieve immutable backups of all their Isilon clusters at a snap of a finger, which was once a strenuous task.​

Your data when you need it

Recovery when you need it, without the worry about managing backups

Purpose-built for Isilon OneFS​

Deliver efficient backups of Isilon clusters of any size​ with super fast and reliable incremental backups​

Measure up to Isilon’s infinite size and scale​

Built with Isilon’s architecture in mind to match the​ size and scale of humongous SMB and NFS file shares​

Flexible recovery options with full and granular recovery​

Provided with multiple options of data recovery of Isilon SMB and NFS shares anytime and anywhere​

Assured recovery from ​  Ransomware attacks​

Equipped with air-gapped and immutable backup ​options to secure your backups from ransomware

Next-gen data protection for DELL EMC datacenters​

A holistic support of DELL EMC’s eco system that deals with VMware, Data Domain, ECS in addition to Isilon​

Instant deployment and painless adoption​

Simplified architecture with an extremely light software ​footprint with intuitive user interface​

More benefits

Unlike traditional NDMP backups, HYCU supports native REST APIs and uses the snapshot-change-list API for efficient incremental backups, meaning better RPOs for Isilon shares​
HYCU doesn’t require large databases to catalog the entire filesystem with millions of files and folders for efficient restores ​
Stay risk-averse by securing your backup data to be ready to recover against ransomware attacks and malicious user behavior ​
Have a peace of mind with HYCU’s assured data protection of all your SMB and NFS shares of any size from TB to PB and dense directory structure hosting millions of files​
No more anxious and stress inducing restore operations with HYCU’s most flexible data recovery from any kind of data loss situation.​
You can gradually grow your backup infrastructure along with your Isilon cluster, as your Isilon grows, your HYCU’s backup will automatically be parallelized for speed and efficiency​
Relive yourself from strenuous manual tasks of backup management with HYCU’s unique automated policy management​

Data Protection as a Service for Isilon

HYCU data protection as a service tightly integrates into Isilon Cloud Platform to bring unified security, reliability, performance and user experience.

Purpose-built for Isilon OneFS
• Integrate with Isilon’s native REST APIs for efficient and secure backups
​• Leverage OneFS snapshot change-list API for fast incremental backups
​• Deliver backup target-agnostic support with any NAS and Object based on-prem and cloud storage
Measure up to Isilon’s infinite scale
• HYCU’s micro-services architecture enables it to span across multiple Isilon clusters​
• Can easily backup SMB and NFS shares of any size—from TB to PB​
• Battle-tested to backup shares with millions of files and folders
Flexible data recovery options​
• Maintains a dedicated file-index catalog for every backup​
• Can deliver easy and efficient file or folder level recovery from local and remote targets​
• Provide full share restores to alternate SMB or NFS shares​
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Assured recovery from ransomware attacks​
• Support backups to WORM enabled on-prem and cloud-based object storage for immutability​
• Monitoring and backup validation capabilities to ensure recoverability of backups​
• Air-gapped backup fortification with HYCU’s detailed in-built security features​
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Next-gen solution for DELL EMC datacenters​
• In addition to Isilon, can support VMware backups to on-prem and cloud backup targets
​• Achieve agentless application consistent and crash consistent backups of all VMware VMs
​• Proven support of performing backups to Data Domain and ECS storage arrays​
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Instant deployment and painless adoption ​
• Extremely simple and straight forward software-based install under 30 minutes​
• Requires minimal to no maintenance and instant upgrades with no downtime
​• Intuitive user interface and workflows that need zero learning curve foe end users​
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