Helping a South African Airline Take to the Clouds After the Outbreak of COVID-19

Helping a South African Airline Take to the Clouds After the Outbreak of COVID-19

ComairLimited has been serving the commercial aviation and travel market in SouthAfrica since 1946. The airline has operated under the British Airways brand inSouth Africa since 1996 and launched the country’s first low-cost carrier, Kulula, in 2001. The company is recognized within the travel industry for innovation and an exceptional safety record.

Like other companies in the travel industry, Comair went into “business rescue” mode during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company took advantage of the lockdown period in South Africa in 2020 to revamp their entire technology infrastructure through a comprehensive digital transformation strategy aimed at improving efficiency, financial performance and customer satisfaction. A centerpiece of this strategy was migrating Comair’s on-premises data center environment to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“Data protection is key to getting your cloud migration right,” says Grant Oliff, Chief Customer Officer for Teraflow, Comair’s technology partner assisting with the migration. “Especially across a hybrid environment, you need to know your data is protected at all times. Choosing the right backup and recovery partner is key to being successful.”


To identify that ideal data protection partner, Avsharn Bachoo, Comair’s Chief Information Officer, defined the company’s requirements.

“We were looking for a multi-cloud backup and recovery solution that was cost-effective and simple to deploy, yet cutting edge. We concluded that HYCU met all these requirements,” he explains.

Teraflow’s Oliff agrees. “HYCU addresses three major customer needs: Easy-to-deploy data protection, visibility into what is protected, and accommodating the current state of hybrid while protecting the widest variety of workloads. HYCU enables us to migrate a full stack to GCP without any risk at all.”


Quick and easy deployment: HYCU is simple to deploy and configure. “HYCU provides a fully managed, cloud-enabled, Data Protection as a Service offering. You don’t have to configure, you don’t have to worry about performance and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Everything just works,” Comair’s Bachoo says. “With HYCU, you see results in a matter of hours, instead of the days or weeks usually required to provision a backup solution.”

Fast, flexible data migration: Bachoo says HYCU helped accelerate Comair’s cloud migration. “HYCU enabled us to migrate all of our tier one systems into the Google Cloud in record time.” Oliff notes that HYCU is a great steppingstone to the cloud, with the flexibility to support hybrid environments for businesses not quite ready to move their entire footprint to the cloud. “There’s a misconception that it’s ‘all or nothing.’ But having the right backup partner like HYCU means that you can ease the journey,” he says.

Protection for all workloads: HYCU made it easy to protect all of Comair’s workloads, from traditional on-premises workloads to containerized and microservices environments that were not backed up consistently. “HYCU was the only company able to solve the problem for us—none of the other players were able to do so,” Bachoo says.

Storage target flexibility: HYCU enables Comair to manage backup targets in a way that works best for them, Bachoo says. “We can specify a cloud storage bucket or a block storage bucket as a target site. That data can now have a dual purpose as restoration data in the event of a failure, but we can also build a data pipeline and mine the data to get more information,” Bachoo explains, noting that a lot of the data behind customer interactions is “dead data” that never gets utilized. Comair can now put that data to work for better business insights.

Superior Support: Both Bachoo and Oliff have high praise for HYCU as a technology partner. “When we planned the migration for Comair, there were a lot of unknowns and quite a few stumbling blocks. But HYCU held our hand and got us over the line,” Oliff says. “We were so impressed with the great service that we got during the assessment phase. Later, during the actual project and migration, HYCU’s technical support was incredible.”

Oliff agrees. “HYCU’s support is phenomenal and their customer service is impeccable. When you log a ticket with them because you’re experiencing an issue, you don’t just get the standard ‘we’ll look into this’; instead, you’re talking to a senior engineer.”

“HYCU enabled us to migrate all of our tier one systems into the Google Cloud in record time.” Avsharn Bachoo, CIO, Comair Limited


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To learn how HYCU can accelerate your digital transformation to Google Cloud, visit or email To hear more on how HYCU and Teraflow helped Comair with its strategic digital transformation efforts from on-premises to Google Cloud, check out our two part interview on our YouTube channel. Part one is available here. Part two is available here.