Data Protection
for Google Cloud Platform

Fully managed Data Protection as a Service. No deployment.
No configuration. No maintenance hassle.

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HYCU delivers the first purpose-built data protection for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that is delivered as a fully managed data protection service. No need to deploy or manage the data protection infrastructure, just choose the Virtual Machine (VM) that you want to protect and assign the policy you desire and HYCU for GCP will take care of the rest for you.

Your data when you need it.

Recovery when you need it, without the worry about managing backups

Native Google Cloud Platform Data Protection Service

HYCU data protection service tightly integrates into Google Cloud Platform to bring unified security, reliability, performance and user experience.

Use your Google Cloud Platform Account to access HYCU service management console. HYCU data protection service is natively integrated with Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) giving users access only to allowed resources.
Users can monitor HYCU data protection service activity directly from their Google Cloud Platform Console.
Just create policies that tell HYCU how often you want to backup and how long you want to keep, and let HYCU for GCP do the rest. HYCU will make sure you are well protected and are compliant with your policy.
Recovery of your compute resources is made simple by using simple and intuitive recovery wizard.
HYCU data protection service is natively integrated with Google Cloud Storage. To store backups customers can select from many Google Cloud Storage options.

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